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Public Speaking Allows You to Become a Celebrity In Your Space So You Can Get Paid More & More with Less Work

I’m Odell A. Bizzell II

When I graduated from college the world was going through “The Great Recession.” I was broke, living with my parents, and deep in student loan debt. My public speaking professor suggested that I become a public speaker. Since then:

  • I’ve been paid over 300 times to speak on other people’s stages.
  • I’ve earned close to $1 million from contracts due to public speaking.
  • I’ve coached over 200 entrepreneurs and helped them generate over $1 million in revenue in a few short years.
  • Been interviewed on the top business podcasts in the world.

Now I help entrepreneurs like you build your brand visibility, credibility, and profitability with public speaking. Let’s work together.

Use the Power of Leverage to Create a Lifestyle You Can Enjoy!

Who We Help

We work with service based entrepreneurs that want to get higher paying clients that pay them more often and happily.


Service based professionals from accountants, to doctors, to attorneys and beyond can double their income from public speaking.


Have you written a book, developed a course, or are you a subject matter expert? If so, we can help you double your revenue with public speaking.


Do you solve problems for a profit? If so, we can help you double your revenue with public speaking.

How We Work

Step 1

We help you identify groups and individuals that plan events for speakers.

Step 2

Our team reaches out on your behalf to see when they’ll be looking to hire speakers.

Step 3

We follow up on your behalf and you book the speech on yourself.

We Do The Hard Stuff So You Don't Have to

Most marketing agencies or bureaus list you on a website and depend on you to market so they can just collect a commission. We reach out for you and send quality leads directly to your inbox on a monthly basis.

We reach out to thousands

We do massive amounts of outreach on your behalf so you don't have to.

No Fluff. Skills That Pay the Bills.

We teach you how to make more profit using the skill of public speaking. We break up the skill of public speaking into 4 core skills: platform speaking, teaching, interviewing, and hosting. You don’t have to become a master at this, just use our tactics and strategies and make money as you build the skills.


Wealth loves speed and momentum. We add speed. Right after you become a client we begin working with you.

No Pressure

If what we do isn't working we create a plan that does. We will get results for you because we guarantee our activity.

Odell Has Been on the Top Podcasts In His Genre & He Can Show You How to Do The Same!

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Public Speaking Profits:

5 Ways to Use Public Speaking to Attract, Awe, & Acquire Higher Quality Clients That Can Turn Your Annual Income Into Your Monthly Income


Stan Pearson II
Stan Pearson IICelebrity Mindset Consultant. Author.
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If you’re a service based entrepreneur and just now hearing about Odell and the Public Speaking Profits you’re already behind! I’ve seen him speak personally multiple times and I can truly say he’s this generation’s version of Les Brown. And from a marketing standpoint I can tell you Odell is the real deal and will give you ALL the insights and information you need to grow your business. Keep rocking Odell!
Darryl Bellamy
Darryl BellamyLeadership Expert & Psychology Researcher
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As a student leadership expert and psychology researcher I’ve collected over 40,000 fears from audiences all over the country. Having Odell as your business coach will undoubtedly help you overcome the fears you will face as you are starting and growing your speaking career.
Casey Cornelius
Casey CorneliusPresident at ForCollegeForLife, Agency Owner
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In my work as a higher education professional to now owning an agency I’ve hired and worked with tons of speakers. From the stage Odell is a first class presenter, but I believe one of his greatest attributes is his ability to explain the business side of speaking to newer speakers. I’m an advocate for speakers to get coached up and I believe Odell would be a great coach for you in your career.
Arel Moodie
Arel MoodieSerial Entrepreneur. Best Selling Author. TV Personality.
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Speaking internationally, speaking at the White House, and owning multiple businesses has taught me a lot about people. Some people are really good at what they do and some people are really good at explaining things to others. Few are good at both. Odell is not just a great speaker, but he’s a great teacher. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a great student, read his book!
Dr. Joshua Fredenburg
Dr. Joshua FredenburgFounder of The Circle of Change Leadership Conference. Author.
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For over a decade I’ve dedicated my life to speaking life to thousands of leaders all over the country about servant leadership. Whenever you pick up a book or hire a coach the author or the coach should have the heart of a servant. Odell’s words will serve you and help you grow your career and your purpose so that you can serve those you were assigned to.
Karen Donaldson
Karen DonaldsonCommunication Coach. Media Personality.
Read More
Odell Bizzell comes to the forefront of my mind when I think of solid and committed speakers who are truly making a living from their words. As an international speaker and communication coach to politicians and CEOs across North America, I can tell you that Odell’s book is one of those rare reads that delivers exactly as stated. He’s shares with you exactly how to make an impact and income from speaking. It’s simply a must read.
Dr. Laymon Hicks
Dr. Laymon HicksProfessor. International Speaker
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Throughout my career I’ve given public presentations to over a million people. I was blessed because I got a phenomenal speaking mentor when I was very young. I’m certain that if you take the time to learn from Odell when you’re young in your career or even if you’re looking to grow, you won’t regret it.
Raven Solomon
Raven SolomonIntergenerational Consultant
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I left corporate America to become a professional speaker and Odell was one of the first people I leaned on to help me with that transition. He gave me great resources and insights into the business world that made it easier to build confidence and find my stride in this industry. Read his books, watch his courses, apply the principles, and make an impact. You won’t regret it!
Peter Bielagus
Peter BielagusFinancial Expert, Author, & Investment Strategist
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After having presented all over the world to hundreds of colleges and universities I’ve met tons of people that have wanted to become speakers. I met Odell when he was a young aspiring speaker and he was one of the few that followed through with his ambition. You want a speaking coach that has ambition to teach, but has also walked the path that you’re trying to walk. Odell is that guy. Learn from him and take advantage of his wisdom.
Dr. Justine Shuey
Dr. Justine ShueySex therapist. Artist. Speaker.
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As a speaker and a sex therapist I know good speakers and I know good sex so I can confidently say this. Odell’s training is kind of like good sex. It’ll leave you satisfied and fulfilled, but you’ll also be wondering when you can get more!
TJ Sullivan
TJ SullivanChamber of Commerce Professional. Public speaker.
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Over the last 20 years I’ve helped start two major college speaking agencies and been a professional speaker myself for over 25 years. I’ve personally helped coach and train some of the best in the business. Odell’s right up there with them. Not only that but he can teach you what he’s done to make it as an entrepreneur. That’s important, don’t miss this opportunity.
Dr. Brandi Baldwin
Dr. Brandi BaldwinCEO of Millennial Ventures. Author. Speaker
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Being the CEO of a company that helps other companies launch and a professional speaker I’ve learned a thing or two about the power of ideas and energy. Once you read Odell’s material and learn from him you’ll be flooded with great ideas on how to grow your business. Not only that but you will get a surge of positive energy that will keep you going through the rough times.
Mike Fritz
Mike FritzProfessional Speaker
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Throughout the course of my career I’ve had years where I’ve done 100 speeches. Being a professional speaker is an amazing lifestyle that I’m blessed to live, but without a coach or a mentor being with me I would have never been able to do it. His book gives you the opportunity to begin a mentorship journey with an incredible speaker in Odell. Take advantage of every word.
Mike Nelson
Mike NelsonYouth Motivational Speaker
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Odell is one of the best investments you can make in your business. He helped teach me about how to navigate the college space and make more money with grant funded contracts. He doesn’t teach fluff, he teaches facts.